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Academy of World Languages | #WorldLanguagesPlayground

Cincinnati, Ohio



At a Glance

With more than 500 children using the school’s playground on a daily basis, it is in need of a few upgrades. The school would like to make the blacktop areas of the playground beautiful, functional and educational by purchasing stencils to paint activity boards and playscapes such as number lines, alphabet paths, and maps.

Address: 2030 Fairfax Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45207
Phone Number: (513) 363-7800 

Academy of World Languages

We need to upgrade our playground! We would like to purchase playground activity stencils and paint to create playscapes on our blacktop areas.

Our playground is used by more than five hundred children every day. We have a handful of swings, two climbers, a basketball hoop and lots and lots of blacktop! We would love to make our blacktop areas beautiful, functional and educational by using stencils to paint activity boards (also known as playscapes). Our school serves a wide variety of learners with a wide variety of learning styles and needs, and playscapes can be used to teach skills through cooperative play and physical activity.

Funding would allow us to purchase large playground stencils (such as number lines, alphabet paths, and maps), and specialty blacktop paint to be used to upgrade our playground.

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