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Many students come to school each day without a healthy snack or lunch. The school would like to implement a program that provides access to healthy snacks for students and their families while giving them an opportunity to experience the unique taste of each apple variety.

Address: 34600 12th Ave., Federal Way, WA 98023
Phone Number: (253) 945-3800

Sherwood Forest Elementary

I would like to start a program that would give students and families in our school the opportunity to eat healthy snacks. I would like to put out a bowl of apples each day in our front office so that students and families have access to a healthy snack. 

Many students come to school each day without a healthy snack or lunch. I would like all of our students to have access to healthier choices. If you look around the lunchroom, many of the kids are eating chips, cookies or candy. If they are offered better choices we can get them on the path to better eating habits. It will also give them the energy they need to get through the long school day.

The funding will allow me to work with local grocers and buy different varieties of apples each week. Students will then get to experience the unique taste that different apple varieties contain.

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Congratulations Sherwood Forest & Thank You @US_Apples for supporting the #SherwoodForestApples program! #Apples4Ed #FWPSGoal2

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