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At a Glance

To provide an opportunity to explore and learn about nature, team building and serving others, the school is seeking funds to sponsor trips to environment education camps for middle school students. These camps offer hands-on learning experiences that allow the students to study trees, plants and animal tracks in addition to problem-solving skills and cooperation. 

Address: 5634 Luther Road SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone Number: (952) 447-2117

St. Paul’s Lutheran School 

The middle school students of St. Paul’s go to various camps to learn about the environment, team building, and serving others. The environmental education camp experience gives the students an opportunity to explore and learn about nature and the world around us. Students study trees, plants, and animal tracks to deepen their appreciation for our environment. They also learn to work together and solve problems. By staying at the camps, the students are emerged in a life-changing experience.

Our school finds that the students learn about each other and about themselves while learning about the environment and the world. By traveling to the camps, they also learn about the world around them. Some of the students haven’t traveled to northern Minnesota or Wisconsin so this is an entirely new experience.

We are a small school so funding is always an issue. Any assistance is greatly appreciated since funding comes mainly from student families and some cannot afford to pay.

Votes: 100
(updated 11/12)

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