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The school seeks to build a love of learning in its Response to Intervention (RTI) book club by securing multiple copies of age-appropriate and interesting reading materials that the club can read and discuss together. Teachers hope to purchase enough copies of each title that students can take them home to read again and again.

Address: 24 Westminster Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215
Phone Number: (716) 816-3450 
Email: jlvenator@buffaloschools.org

Westminster Community Charter School

I work with students in four grades every single day during our RTI time (Response to Intervention). I am in need of book club books, 4-6 copies of the same title, that we as an intervention group can read together and discuss. I would love to have enough copies of books so that when we have completed the title, I could give each student in our group a copy to take home and keep, and hopefully read again and again.

Our students consistently fall below grade level for reading. Additionally I have very few multiple copies of new titles that are of interest to our students. In order to get students interested and wanting to read, I need to provide them with resources that are grade appropriate, decent literature, and a topic of interest to the student. It is imperative that we get books into students hands, and if I can do that on school time as well as at home, they will be better off.

I would be able to purchase multiple copies of the same book to use during book club. We may even be able to gift the book to the student upon completion of the reading.

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