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Paoli Community Schools Selected for Apples4Ed Grant

Paoli Community School Corporation serves 1,243 students from pre-K to 12th grade in a rural area in southern Indiana. The school has a high-quality education system with effective teachers, high graduation rates, and above-average student growth in English and language arts. However, the school also faces many challenges related to poverty and mental health. We’re excited to announce that Throop Elementary, a Paoli school, is an Apples4Ed winner, and their plans for the grant are three-fold. The first project will teach elementary students and teachers to grow plants with small hydroponic systems; this project will be supported by high school students who have expertise in hydroponics. Another project will focus on the science of cooking and take place as a summer camp. Their final project will feature mini gardens around the school where students can grow produce while learning what’s involved in creating a garden. These projects will not only improve the health outcomes of students in the short term, but also influence long-term habits by fostering a culture of health literacy, food security, and self-reliance.