In 2016, USApple and partners donated $17,800 to school causes. See our program details page for more info!

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Program Details

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USApple and partner brand Marzetti donated $17,800 to 11 school programs as part of the second annual Apples for Education: Buy an Apple, Help a Student classroom fundraising campaign. The program featured nearly 6,500 photo uploads of fans snacking on apples and partner products to vote for and support school nominees. The projects that earned the most votes received the highest shares of the funding.

The top five recipients were:

  1. St. Louis Park Middle School, St. Louis Park, MN | Providing an in-school food bank with healthy food for students in need to snack after class or prepare at home.
  2. Sherwood Forest Elementary School, Federal Way, WA | Providing access to apples and other healthy snacks for students and their families at school, first thing in the morning.
  3. St. Mary’s Catholic School, Alexandria, VA | Motivating young learners with technology-driven activities on new classroom iPads.
  4. Walter Biddle Saul High School, Philadelphia, PA | Reducing the school’s carbon footprint with solar powered composting equipment. 
  5. Faith Elementary School, Faith, NC | Providing healthy fruits and vegetables for all students in every classroom.

Created by U.S. Apple Association, Apples for Education: Buy an Apple, Help a Student is a fundraising program that features the U.S. apple industry along with your favorite brands working together to provide financial support to important student causes nationwide.

In 2016, we spotlighted important school causes in need of funds to either get started or keep their program going.

Supporting school causes was easy! From Oct. 1 through Nov. 12, people voted for their favorite school cause through four simple steps:

  1. Snack: Grab an apple, apple juice, apple sauce and/or delicious product made by our program partner Marzetti
  2. Snap: Take a picture of you or a friend enjoying the snack.
  3. Tag: Find a school cause on our site. Tag the photo with #Apples4Ed + the school’s hashtag. Or click “Vote” and upload your pic through our site.
  4. Share: Vote for your fave school cause by sharing on your (public) Instagram or Twitter account (or by uploading to our site if you don’t have one).

Each uploaded photo counted as a vote toward a school cause. USApple and our program partner pledged financial contributions to nominated projects with the most votes. 

To avoid being disqualified from voting, photos must:

  • Clearly exhibit snacking of purchased apples and/or partner products (no grocery store shots)
  • Be unique. Please do not upload a series of photos using the same apple/snacks (we can tell, promise!). People posting consistently similar images will be disqualified.
  • Be current (no throwbacks!)

Throughout the summer, school projects were nominated through our website. U.S. Apple Association selected top nominees to represent the 2016 fund raising program. Stay tuned for more information about USApple programs in 2017!

In the second-annual Apples for Education campaign, $17,800 was donated to 11 school causes nationwide. Schools that received the highest share of votes were awarded the most funding. 

Your “Vote” will determine the ranking of each school. Based on this final ranking, schools will receive a specific amount of funds.